Thursday, February 24, 2011

Our first donor :)

A wonderful momma contacted me saying that she had milk in her freezer that was going to go waste as she's moving out of town next month and can't take it with her. She would love for me to have it for my girls. She wasn't sure how much was there but it was around 40 bags of 2-6 oz a piece. We arranged a pick up time for this past Monday and we picked up what turned out to be 126oz of wonderful donor milk!

The girls were able to use the milk from Monday evening until this morning (Thursday morning) and we're officially out of milk now and looking for more donors.

In my search for donors I've spread out my plea on to Eats on Feets facebook locations in Minnesota, Mississippi, Ohio, Kentucky, Georgia, and Maryland. If you live in any of those locations and would like to see if my drop centers are close to you. Please feel free to message me! If you don't live in those locations but have a large amount of milk you would be willing to ship or would like to be a drop center in your area for me or would like to make a donation for my girls to help cover shipping costs and supplies for the milk transportation. Please contact me!

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